What Am I Doing Now?

this page was inspired by Derek Sivers and nownownow.com

January 2018 (in progress)

  • In addition to strengthening a daily journal habit that began a couple years back, I've decided to plunge into Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman's The Daily Stoic Journal, accompanied by a reading from The Daily Stoic. I've been casually studying Stoicism (indeed, taking part in what's become a ressurgence), fascinated by its intersections with Buddhist teachings. The deepest learning comes from some sort of action or reflection so Holiday's prompts to journal on these philosophical teachings are themselves a bigger prompt to dive in further.
  • This leads to a change in my morning routine. This month I'm experimenting with waking by 6:30 AM and quickly making a cup of strong tea (usually a teaspoon each of green tea, black tea, ginger, and MCT oil). I then read the day's entry from The Daily Stoic and meditate for 20 minutes. After my quiet meditation I journal in The Daily Stoic Journal, write at least a page about what's on my mind in my blank journal, and then plan out my day in the Panda Planner (something else new I'm trying out). Then it's coffee time, light breakfast, and the start of my workday. So far so good, and I'll report back if this routine changes in the next months.
  • Speaking of meditation, I highly recommend Kevin Rose's Oak app. It's free and useful for meditators at any level, though I still recommend Headspace if you're just getting started. After using Headspace for a few years and becoming comfortable with meditation, I find that Oak's unguided meditation feature is perfect for my needs. I'm enjoying the app's breathing exercises, too.
  • I started 100 days of Seth Godin's The Marketing Seminar. This is my second time through this program. The first time I didn't finish as I got sidelined by things that needed attention in my personal life, and overlap with my intense four weeks in altMBA (which deserved 100% of my attention). Now that I'm fully focused, The Marketing Seminar is impactful and I'm having a great time and learning a ton. It's making me a better writer, too, as it's kindly pressuring me to write all the time. (I highly recommend The Marketing Seminar and altMBA … feel free to contact me if you have questions about either.)
  • What I'm Reading This Month: Start With Why; Perennial Seller
  • What I'm Watching This Month: I, Claudius; Wormwood; The Florida Project; A Ghost Story (loved it); The Disaster Artist / note: I'm watching a lot more than usual this month as it's my tradition to see as many of the 'hype' films as possible before the Oscars.
  • What I'm Listening To This Month: Art Feynman - Near Negative; The Gentleman Lovers - Permanently Midnight; Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music for Nine Postcards; Ebo Taylor And The Pelikans; Goran Kajfes Tropiques - Enso