Michael’s understanding of how this business works beneath the surface is both invaluable and uncommon. Our dialogue always leads to forward thinking solutions.
— DJ Three (Hallucienda)
Michael provided excellent advice and analysis regarding our label’s online assets, delivering multiple actionable recommendations. This agency’s work is timely and valuable.
— Udeze (The Content Label / Dday One)
Michael’s ideas are fresh and forward-looking and his advice has been invaluable to me. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
— Toni Tennille (Captain & Tennille)

I am a creative strategist and consultant for the music industry.

I help independent artists and labels develop longterm goals outside of the mainstream and gain a foothold in a crowded and often perplexing landscape.

Does your record label or artist career need an imaginative kickstart?

Are you looking for fresh ideas on how to make your album or creative project get people's attention?

Sometimes you just need someone to give a different perspective and to supply the knowledge and experience for moving to that next level.

I am unique in that I've worked professionally with many aspects of the music industry, on both the business and the creative sides. I've spent time as a major label recording artist, a music publisher, a record label manager, a retail owner, a publicist, and in a handful of other fascinating capacities. Over twenty-five years in the trenches have shaped my knowledge and outlook. I've not only experienced the radical evolution of the music industry, but I've been enthusiastic and immersed in these changes.

My ideas are unconventional. And I'm refreshingly optimistic about the future of music. I believe that this combination, alongside my multi-faceted industry experience, will show new ways you can grow your artist career or music-related company.

Together we'll come up with surprising ideas, imaginative solutions, and strategies for giving longevity and success to your creative journey.

and I can help you:

  • Create imaginative and effective strategies
  • Locate new revenue streams for your content
  • Find solutions to operational problems
  • Organically expand your fanbase
  • Discover hidden opportunities
  • Approach obstacles with a new perspective
  • Spend more time being creative
  • I can be these things for you:

  • Label Management Mentor
  • Trusted Sounding Board
  • Savvy A&R Advisor
  • Media Licensing Guru
  • Social Media Sherpa
  • Sticky Situation Surveyor
  • Music Industry Navigator

  • Here's the plan:

    We can talk weekly – or more often if a particularly stressful project warrants – by Slack, Skype, or phone call. Prepare to brainstorm and entertain some out-of-left-field ideas. I'll create reports, based on our talks, outlining my strategy recommendations and how to execute them. In between our calls I will be available by Slack or email for any other back-and-forth throughout the week. My aim is to be considered a trusted member of your team and an invaluable asset for reaching your creative goals.

    Would you like to work together? Drop me a line.