Does your record label or artist career need an imaginative kickstart?

I am a creative strategist, providing music consultancy for emerging artists, self-released recording acts, and start-up record labels. My mission is to inspire and give you the tools for nurturing a life-long career in music.

Are you ready to kick things up a notch? Music consultancy can help you optimize and get everything in place for your next big step as a label or independent recording artist. I’ll give you an understanding of what’s necessary to reach your goals, assess how your music is presented online, and give actionable advice for short-term and long-term results. I have the experience, ingenuity, and objectivity to deliver fresh, outside-of-the-box ideas and direction. Let’s discover new and creative ways to raise awareness of your label or recording project.

I am unique in that I've worked professionally with many aspects of the music industry, on both the business and the creative sides. I have experience as a major label recording artist, a music publisher, a globally touring DJ, a record label manager, a music publicist, a record store owner, and a college radio music director. Over twenty-five years in the trenches have shaped my knowledge and outlook. I've not only experienced the radical evolution of the music industry, but I've been enthusiastic and immersed in these changes.

My ideas are unconventional. And I'm refreshingly optimistic about the future of music. I believe that this combination, alongside my multi-faceted industry experience, will show new ways you can grow your artist career or music-related company.

Together we'll come up with surprising ideas, imaginative solutions, and strategies for giving longevity and success to your creative journey.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Book a consulting session with me by clicking HERE.
  • I will contact you with a few interview questions. These will help me get to know you, see where you are in your recording career, and compile a list of your online sites and assets.
  • We’ll schedule a call. We can use Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, or a phone call.
  • Before our call, I will deliver an audit of your online profiles along with some preliminary ideas and recommendations based on our interview. We’ll go further in depth when we speak.
  • After our call I will send an expanded, customized report with additional recommendations and advice for an enduring career in music. We can discuss any questions over the next week by email.

Each session is $250.00. I will send an invoice with the initial interview questions. You’ll be inspired by the ideas and advice offered by our session, and I’m confident this is the rocket fuel that you need to launch your music higher than a Tesla space car.

Michael’s understanding of how this business works beneath the surface is both invaluable and uncommon. Our dialogue always leads to forward thinking solutions.
— DJ Three (Hallucienda)
Michael provided excellent advice and analysis regarding our label’s online assets, delivering multiple actionable recommendations. This agency’s work is timely and valuable.
— Udeze (The Content Label / Dday One)
“Michael is extremely helpful and knowledgable about the ins-and-outs of this ever-changing music industry.”
— Frank Cueto (E1sbar / Super Hi-Fi Recordings)
Michael’s ideas are fresh and forward-looking and his advice has been invaluable to me. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
— Toni Tennille (Captain & Tennille)

and I can help you:

  • Create imaginative and effective strategies
  • Locate new revenue streams for your content
  • Find solutions to operational problems
  • Organically expand your fanbase
  • Discover hidden opportunities
  • Approach obstacles with a new perspective
  • Spend more time being creative
  • I can be these things for you:

  • Label Management Mentor
  • Trusted Sounding Board
  • Savvy A&R Advisor
  • Media Licensing Guru
  • Social Media Sherpa
  • Sticky Situation Surveyor
  • Music Industry Navigator