Hitting The Links

It's time for our semi-regular round up of articles and links that we found particularly interesting over the past week. And, yes, I do need a better title for this section.

A History of Female Afrofuturist Fashion

The term Afrofuturism might only have been coined in 1993 by author Mark Dery, but the black cultural experience of freedom achieved through sci-fi, ancient African cosmology and magical realism has been underway since the middle of 20th century. Time, for an Afrofuturist, is a fluid concept, and the terms past, present and future aren’t necessarily linear.

A Plea for Metadata for Music. What’s Wrong with You Label People?

I’ll just be blunt: why can’t you get metadata right? What’s keeping you from tagging digital song files with all the information I and everyone else needs? This is important data. And supplying everyone with this data is your job!

I Accidentally Convinced Voters That Donald Trump Hates Pavement

It’s just funny to imagine Donald Trump listening to Pavement. Trump has written real tweets praising stadium acts like Taylor Swift and Aerosmith. What if he heard Pavement? He probably wouldn’t like them very much! I imagine a man of such extreme wealth and ego being repelled by the uncompromising, lo-fi aesthetic of early Pavement recordings.

Finally, It Will Be Possible To Flip Someone Off Via Emoji

It appears that when Apple ships iOS 9.1, iPhone users will have access to a key symbol of human communication. In a beta posted yesterday, Apple greatly expanded the number of supported emoji, including multiple new hand gestures. Of course, there’s one gesture that all have been waiting for, and it looks like we’ll be getting it at long last.

The 8 Hipster Districts of Orlando to Explore Like a Local

Orlando is known around the world as a theme park playground for children and adults alike. Yet visitors often miss out on the relatively undiscovered sections of Orlando, cherished by locals as up-and-coming cultural havens. In our humble opinion, these neighborhoods—your friends may not have heard of them yet—are a destination vacation in and of themselves.

Chess Player Caught 'Using Morse Code To Cheat'

Mr Ricciardi did not get up at all during hours of playing and kept his thumb tucked in his armpit. The 37-year-old player was also "batting his eyelids in the most unnatural way", (referee Jean) Coqueraut said. "Then I understood it. He was deciphering signals in Morse code."