8D Projects: Urian Hackney - The Box (Cold Busted)

The Los Angeles-based Cold Busted label is another imprint I've been working with for a while, since its humble beginnings in Denver, Colorado. Cold Busted has been focused on the funkier, often downtempo, edge of breakbeat music, with a visionary ethos that has allowed it to branch out into cool releases such as this forthcoming single by Urian Hackney.

The Box is a meticulously recorded solo effort from Hackney, whose father and uncles were members of cult Detroit proto-punk band Death, as profiled in the acclaimed documentary A Band Called Death. With The Box – named after his studio in Burlington, Vermont – Urian Hackney presents two songs intended to send the listener back in time to the smooth, funky sonic realm of the ’70s. All instruments were played by Urian, multi-tracked one-by-one to a tape machine through microphones aimed at amplifier cones and drum heads. It comes together sounding like some rare 7” that might be found in DJ Shadow’s record bag.