An 8DSync Primer

Here are the requirements for sending music to 8DSync:

  • We require WAV or AIFF files. You can send 320 kbps MP3's encoded with metadata, too, but they aren't mandatory.
  • Send mastered versions if you have them. If you're sending unmastered files, please let us know.
  • If the songs are part of a release, send all of the release assets. These include the cover art (hi-res), press releases or one-sheets, artist photos, links to any reviews or online coverage of release, and so on. These assets will help us professionally package the release to present to music supervisors.
  • For sending the files, use a service like or ask for our Dropbox upload link. Compress (ZIP) multiple files into a single package by release.

Once your songs are collected, I’ll send a link to an AirTable spreadsheet with a list of your tracks. This will serve as the Schedule A of songs represented by 8DSync, as mentioned in our agreement. I’ll have you go over this spreadsheet to verify and correct, if necessary, the song titles, writer information, release dates, and other info. We will also add to this spreadsheet as you send us any new material. The spreadsheet will be available online for you to reference at any time.

Here are some other notes about the songs that you are sending to 8DSync:

If there are vocals in your songs, then we'd love to get the instrumental versions, if available. Many larger projects require instrumental versions of vocal tracks for licensing consideration. We can also pitch instrumental versions to projects that don’t want vocals, so instrumentals double your chances at a license. Make it a practice to mix down an instrumental version of all your vocal songs if you’re not doing so already.

Transcribed lyrics for any vocal tracks are mandatory and also significantly increase our chances of licensing them. In every licensing situation, the music supervisor will ask to see the lyrics.

Any unreleased stuff, alternate versions, and short, unfinished but still cool tracks – all of these are fair game. You'd be surprised what can be licensed. If you’re not sure, just send it on, and we’ll sift through it all here.

Remixes, by other people, of your original songs, are applicable as well. Remixes are considered 'works for hire' in a legal sense, and all rights are the same as that of the original song.

We won't be able to license any songs with recognizable samples, though we can still register these for publishing royalty collection. My criteria for a recognizable sample: if the sampled artist hears the song would s/he be able to pick out the sample? If so, then please let us know. If there are any tracks with uncleared samples and you don't inform us, then you've violated our agreement. It's okay if you sample – just let us know. If you use samples in your songs, consider mixing down a version with the samples muted or replaced that we can use for licensing.

For now, we can only represent songs in which you are the sole songwriter. If you have songs with a co-writer, or if you work with someone else in the future, then we would have to get the writer under an agreement for us to fully represent the song (which we can do for just the one song, if necessary).

Don’t let this stop you from collaborating with other writers. Just know that we'll publish your percentage of the song and we’ll be able to collect publishing royalty for that portion. We won’t be able to license any co-written songs unless we have an agreement with your collaborator as explained above. We would still like to know about these songs, though, as we can register your writer’s share and you'll receive any royalty earned by your portion of the song.

Our agreement covers any new songs (of your choosing) that you write during the contract period as well as anything you’ve written in the past, as long as it’s not already under contract to someone else. If you have any older songs that are under a contract with someone else, then we’ll be able to handle them when that contract ends, if you would like.

Any questions? I'm always here to answer. Drop me an email on or find me on Slack. Don't know about our Slack channel? Ask me for an invite!